Looking for the perfect gents’ night out: BABA is adding a cool new gents night in Dubai!

FACT magazines: While ladies’ nights are rampant throughout Dubai, culminating in hefty discounts and complimentary beverages, it’s not often that gentlemen have a night dedicated exclusively to them.

BABA is adding a cool new gents night in Dubai! BABA is looking to change all that with the return of their Gentleman’s Agreement offer. Available on Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 10:30pm, the promotion encourages gents to try their luck and potentially win a free meal with the simple throw of a dart. The score on the dartboard equates to a discount or reward, so if you hit red or bullseye, the meal will be free. Hitting yellow will allow you to avail a 25% discount on your next visit, while piercing green means you will receive a complimentary digestive or coffee.

For more information visit: https://factmagazines.com/restaurants/play-darts-and-win-a-free-meal-at-this-vibrant-dubai-steakhouse

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