Looking for the perfect gents’ night out: BABA is adding a cool new gents night in Dubai!

FACT magazines: While ladies’ nights are rampant throughout Dubai, culminating in hefty discounts and complimentary beverages, it’s not often that gentlemen have a night dedicated exclusively to them.

BABA is adding a cool new gents night in Dubai! BABA is looking to change all that with the return of their Gentleman’s Agreement offer. Available on Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 10:30pm, the promotion encourages gents to try their luck and potentially win a free meal with the simple throw of a dart. The score on the dartboard equates to a discount or reward, so if you hit red or bullseye, the meal will be free. Hitting yellow will allow you to avail a 25% discount on your next visit, while piercing green means you will receive a complimentary digestive or coffee.

For more information visit: https://factmagazines.com/restaurants/play-darts-and-win-a-free-meal-at-this-vibrant-dubai-steakhouse

Outdoor bars and restaurants in Dubai: Al fresco dining is back at Buffalo Wings & Rings

Looking for the best chicken wings in Dubai? Throughout October, Buffalo Wings & Rings have a line-up of exciting offers and tasty events for you to experience. Here’s what’s happening at one of the best casual dining spots in the city this month…

Situated in the heart of Dubai’s financial district, the causal and family-friendly, Original Wings and Rings is ready to embrace the cooler months with the return of al fresco dining season. The venues Buffalo Terrace is home to various seating configurations, from comfortable sofas to more formal dining tables and chairs, all overlooking the glitterings skyline while offering a garden-style environment that promotes relaxation, good times and care-free dining.  Your ultimate guide to Dubai for tourists and locals alike will tell you where you can eat great food, for more information please visit: https://factmagazines.com/restaurants/al-fresco-dining-is-back-at-buffalo-wings-rings